Cinco de Mayo at CareWell




Save the Date!


 Spring and Reminiscing Prom Time


Event: The Prom

When: May 26th 11:30-2:30

Where: CareWell Adult Day Wellness  


Hosted by:

Lesley Interns, Enrichment Staff, and CareWell Team  

This is an event your loved ones will not want to miss!


Enjoy an afternoon filled with dancing, food and entertainment.


We will travel back in time and remember those special days of youth, spring and love..  


Keep your eyes out for more details coming soon!


The CareWell Poem

Although I am not their family member,

I care for them each day.

I hug, dance, tell jokes, and read to them

and watch them as they smile.

I see each new accomplishment

and help them get through the day.

They come to me for comfort,

I soothe away their tears.

They proudly show their work to me,

I give the loudest cheers.

No, I am not their family member,

but my role is just as strong.

I know some day the time will come,

when we may have to part.

But I know each of them I have cared for,

is forever in my heart.


Written by Lea Ingersoll


Activities/Direct Care Aide


Adult Day Health Programs are licensed community-based programs that provide a variety of health, therapeutic, and social services to those at risk of being placed in a nursing home.   Read more >


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CareWell continues to strive to be on the cutting edge by delivering a premiere model of Adult Day Health Care. We are different,  there is nothing like us on the south shore!   Our mission is to ‘Re-define Adult Day Health Care’.  As a means to continue to provide optimal models of care, we have established collaborative relationships with Institutes of Higher Learning. CareWell Adult Day Health and Wellness currently partner and collaborate with various New England Colleges and Universities to bring Bachelor and Master Degree Students to our center. 

‘These adult students have a desire to learn, and are fully submerged in the midst of new research, education, while learning new models of care and therapeutics. It is a ‘win, win’ scenario’, states Joanna Morganelli RN, MSN

This summer we have established a new collaborative relationship with Lesley University and hope to be mentoring other Expressive Therapists that have abilities to incorporate a variety of multi-modal expressive therapies that may include Visual Art Therapy, Movement Therapy and Drama Therapy.

Lesley University sites the benefit of art and expressive therapies and have developed educational programming that supports their philosophy regarding the arts.  They state: “Personal expression through creativity and the arts has been proven to access the body, mind, spirit and heart continuum in the process of healing and recovery. 


CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center

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Cost Effective Alternative

The CareWell Adult Day Wellness Center offers many distinct advantages over nursing homes or institutions and is the most cost effective option for long-term care.

Ron Morganelli – Executive Director/Owner

Contact Ron Morganelli by phone or email today to see how CareWell is redefining Adult Day Health.

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